Interactive copywriting

Rapid Prototype copywriting Interactive copywriting Iterative copyediting ensures flow Reactive copywriting ensures storytelling works One decision may result in several actions Look at the Blog entry URL if it looks like a ZIP code. It’s taken be longer to get back to full speed after surgery on my leg. The optimist in me imagined […]

Redesign Dishwasher as a hobby freetime

The dishwasher needs to be redesigned so it can source from grease-cutting power, lauramine oxide, use a scrubber as a tool, dip dishes soak them, in the rinse even if you dont scrub them for hours. dip plates, soak them in antibacterial solution. use a sponge dish sponge start scrubbing caked-on gooey stuff as first […]

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No one can serve two masters. You have to. XLRI SYMBIOSIS time-wasters. They are looking for signposts you are on the right track. Not necessarily expecting the end result. That can be postponed. You’re busy. they get it. Thats a good boss. As good a boss as is Geraldine Malilay, ITS, Kuwait As good a […]