Unable to procure fruit juice to drink – no juice available!

I have been procuring sealed and packed particular fruit juice brand to drink from one local shop and one main shop (which is at a distance from where we live). Now today as a shock, both place said juice not available as the supplier has not supplied them with the juice. As you may know, […]

Included meaning of the word ‘royal’

It has come to my attention that some Indian assholes are misusing the word royal without my permission, I have never, ever given the permission to use the word ‘royal’ to anyone and never plan on doing so in the near future, so beware of Indian imposters and abusers abusing the word ‘royal’ these ‘Loosu […]

India – exporter of food poisoning to the world – dont buy Indian food

It has been noted that India is the one-and-only exporter of food poisoning to the world. Specifically in: Turmeric powder and other foods exported from India (causes cancer NODES found, another extremely dangerous NODES develop into NODULES and another variation, namely TUBULES) Please avoid them in toto. The FDA should look into this and ban […]

Brahmin nuisance has crossed its limits once again – urgent – trash both kidneys of brahmin bastard

Brahmin nuisance has crossed over limits once again Jake please treat it as nux. thanks. Need full support and backup and immediately trash the kidneys of the Brahmin bastard you know who If we dont do this now the volume and intensity of the headache-inducing Brahmin vomit on international royal radio will only increase. Please […]

Testing soundcloud embeds…

Should a small business have launch manuals for ideas? Timeslot 5:58 – 7:05 The 3 questions you need to ask before launching a business idea? Timeslot 12:53 – 14:58