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Redesigning phrases

Look before you get leaping. Simplified as: WALK, DONTLEAP. A Journey of a 100 miles begins with a single step bought out with a penny. Simplified as: penny penny handy handy candy candy jha jo etc. honey honey heavy heavy etc. etc. and so on and so forth. a long journey is started with a […]

Find a phrase combination that COULD apply to scenario description. Someone walking across a beach comes across jogging someones someones. genie@beach.com Describe situation: stunning spectacular is-that-jogging-commons? What would you choose based on the video above (om==someone walking across a beach) Is it… stunning (Y/N): Is it… spectacular (Y/N): Someone waiting for a taxi in somewhere […]

Possibly good idea: Data-enabled heavy heavy links

Lets say we could imagine the following: Each linkable keyword or phrase combination followed by a dropdown. The companies/logos that have ease available for the keyword or phraseword combination appear as options in the dropdown. User / browser can choose one of these. For example: Fireworks in the United States is often found during 4th […]

Email to Chris Moody

Mining Twitter for specific conversations. Lets say for example listening to conversation between two or three people in a means of transport. For example lets say a Twitter listening device overheard this conversation on a train: @child1: Whats this token for? @parent123: It’s a pass to let us board the train. @child2: What if we […]