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REBLOG: A common problem for entrepreneurs

Today, whilst starring at my screen, I realized that this is a somewhat common problem for entrepreneurs. You hit the wall. You, for a moment, don’t know what brilliant thing you need to do next. What you want to do in those moments is one of two things: Clear your head (and be okay with […]

Tracking Hurricane Erika — things to do… things to say…

How long does a hurricane last? 3-4 days Precautions. Stay safe indoors. Maintain lists for disaster/emergency preparedness. Avoid disaster, plan for emergency. Use what you have, Maintain lists of passwords Do what you can. Maintain list of things we think we may need. Once experienced, we need to be prepared for the next disaster. Use […]

What is code? – Programmer Paul Ford

What is code? You may not be able to write a line of code, yet you probably make daily decisions that depend on it. Bloomberg Businessweek’s latest issue is a single, 38,000-word essay by the programmer Paul Ford “demystifying code and the culture of the people who make it.” It’s well worth your time, which […]

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