India – exporter of food poisoning to the world – dont buy Indian food

It has been noted that India is the one-and-only exporter of food poisoning to the world. Specifically in: Turmeric powder and other foods exported from India (causes cancer NODES found, another extremely dangerous NODES develop into NODULES and another variation, namely TUBULES) Please avoid them in toto. The FDA should look into this and ban […]

Testing soundcloud embeds…

Should a small business have launch manuals for ideas? Timeslot 5:58 – 7:05 The 3 questions you need to ask before launching a business idea? Timeslot 12:53 – 14:58

Our palm as an interface

Assume you could buy paper-thin Non-erasable programmable skinput peel-and-stick tattoos. These like postit notes. You paste the skinput note in the palm of your left hand. Skinput. Assume the note has start/stop buttons marked up. that act as visible rectangular UX-triggering buttons. Why type in notes furiously when in lecture halls? press the area marked […]

Copyediting samples (self)

Day before yesterday I was working with an academic paper copyediting the same. Here I present some ways I rephrased sentences… It could be useful for someone… +_————————————_+ In the eyes of the proponents of the networked governance approach new public management is seen as… The proponents of the networked governance approach see new public […]

Solicit collaboration micro-tasks from within word processor…

that anyone can access and address… “Find eloquent words” – reverse dictionary – word finder There should be a way to pop the queue of pending tasks one screen at a time. For example, Task: find a replacement word that means the same as “deceptive and hidden” could appear as a card. Suggested Answer: “underhanded” […]