New York Times automates the process of submitting weddings and celebrations announcements – with an online form – Take a look at the ‘type of celebration’ graphic !

What would happen if you can visualize ideas, knowledge and data?

Have fun learning about butterflies – habitat – field observation if you are not into not doing much by following the principles of the Official Website of the International Institute of Not Doing Much who advocate ‘practice doing nothing‘.

Keeping yourself organized – Are you a PDA person? Here’s an alternative – The free recyclable personal organizer – PocketMod! For organization you could also use Mind maps – web-based mind map drawing services.

Did you know that there is a wartime story behind the history of Monopoly (The Game)?

The world now has more crazy gadgets coming in everyday, a quick look at the Craziest Gadgets site reveals some not-crazy gadgets – such as a Waterproof bag for the iPhone.

An easier interface to find MIT OpenCourseWare. The original OCW MIT site is here. Some open courses from Yale.

A site that allows you to create Polaroid photos for download and print.

A link to learn (and may be practise) speed-reading. Here is a free speed reading trainer. How to read 300% faster in 20 minutes – video and a small write up.

Humans cant understand humans – what scientists are unable to understand about humans.

Erik Kastner – Spell with Flickr – Fun Web App – Worth a bookmark.

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