Let’s be friends – pictures of animals – dog and moose,¬†mouse and frog and so on. Link.

Learn Something everyday – it wouldnt be as interesting if they didnt have the illustrations 4 them. Link.

What is it like to eat at the canteen in Facebook headquarters? Bright pictures ahead, Link.

Monkey machine 2.1 – ingenious beat generator -click on squares to fill them up and the generated beat changes and you can even download the beat. Link.

What the World Believes – a site where you can vote and view results about questions like – is there life after death? have you seen a UFO? etc. Link.

5 habits to help you complete your project in record time. Sketching before starting, staying on top of information, etc. Link.

Crazy things people do with roller coasters – skating, biking, etc. with pictures. Link.

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