Visualization of where Google’s revenues are coming from – Link.

22 mis-spelled political signs – Link.

The 5 phases of caffeine intake – illustration – Link.

How (not) to write an online-dating message, based on a sample of 500,000 “first contact” messages.

If Lottery tickets told the truth – Link.

It is a common theme in many books and films: when people get lost in a desert or a jungle, they end up walking in circles. Link.

Teenager builds robot that solves Rubik’s cube – Link.

Temple of Trash in the Netherlands – Link.

RunPee is a handy site that let’s you know when it’s the best time to run to the bathroom during any given movie.  Then they tell you what happens during the 4-5 minutes you were away.

17 people who changed the internet – Link.

How does earth look like from 4 billion miles away? As a white dot. Link.

Zoo description card for homo sapiens. Link.

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